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    As the title says, the Airfoil Labs Cessna 172SP Skyhawk is now compatible with XP11. I never used any of the A2A planes in P3D, but I’ve seen this plane touted as the best equivalent for X-Plane.

    So far, it handles MUCH different from the xp11 default 172. Not sure if it’s more or less realistic as I’ve never actuall flown a 172. However, it’s maintenance menu is pretty aersome and the plane itself looks great!


    The passengers, on the other hand, look like clumpy piñatas….


    would love to to see the opinions of others.


    Dennis Wierzbicki
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    Good news. This is a nice looking aircraft. Looking forward to updating the plane and seeing how it runs.

    On XP10 and my old MacBook Pro, this thing was a frame hog. Now I have a brand new, purpose-built Windows 10 machine. Hoping for a big improvement.


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    Damn, that’s nuts!

    Wonder whys its a resource hog. I changed my render settings at the same time I tried to use it, so. Assumed it was me raising my reflectivity settings and effects.


    Alan Tunstall
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    Hi all i’ve had the airofoil labs Cessna 172

    but it just dont let you adjust the screen in the settings keeps resetting to 0.00 vertical and same with latitude . my default Cessna works a treat but this one just ain’t playing ball.

    anyone had anything similar



    Richard Wolff
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    Same problem with XP Realistic … insists that the window that Windows boots up on (my right window in the cockpit) must be the view straight ahead (0.00 lateral offset).  Therefore the software is currently useless.


    Alan Tunstall
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    I removed XP Realistic and it did the same with out it

    could it be to do with the tag on the left of the screen that you need to click on for the menu

    I looked into setting’s but nothing to turn it off

    like you say that tag needs to be main screen pity we can’t assign it to a key somewhere ?


    Basement Fly Guy
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    For what it’s worth, I got the Reality Expansion Pack for the 172 and find it works very well. Very easy on frames and great sounds and realism. Better get that oil temp up before run-up or your going to trash your cylinders …

    N15JG On PilotEdge


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    I have found that the AF 172 rearly ‘twitchy’….hyper-responsive to Control surface input, compared to the stock or REP LR 172.


    whihc is more accurate for the real aircraft?


    Basement Fly Guy
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    I actually turned down the responsiveness in the control settings on my XP install to 50% because the 172 and Pipers were too unstable. When you let go of a yoke in a trimmed Cherokee (or 172 for that matter) she stays where she is and keeps flying pretty stable. The sim, I found, was wandering far too quickly and too much. The real airplane is very responsive – when you move the yoke she moves right away – but certainly not twitchy.

    N15JG On PilotEdge


    Pedro J Monroig
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    Does simcoder works with AF 172

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