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Darren McKenna

I haven’t started on my Sim flight cockpit yet but I’m a long time sim racer and have a pretty wicked sim race car cockpit. I made it out of 1″ and 1 1/2′ square tubing, welded it and powder coated the finish. I run triple 55″ HDTV’s.  I have real gauges, 7 transducers powered by 5 amps. Real gauges, button boxes, telemetry screens, etc…

The first time my friends seen it they were blown away, it only took a few weeks and I was getting calls from folks I did not know, lol. My youngest son (23) would bring over 2 or 3 friends at a time and after 5 or 6 hours I would have to politely ask them to go home cause it was 3 in the morning, lol.

When I look at you flight cockpit BFG, it is the standard I want to achieve in my build. For the time being I use X plane 11 with my race cockpit. It isn’t ideal but money is somewhat tight atm.


I often watch your video’s (thank you for those) and dream of the day my flight simulator is built to that standard. Thank you for all the resources you provide, for now I dream the dream.



These images are from a few years ago and my rig has evolved considerably, I just haven’t taken more pics.


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