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Alan D. Rhodes

Been busy getting the sim built, and haven’t installed the switch for the panel yet. I did find that if I turn on the BAT first, then the ALT, they both come on fine in the XP default 172. I did try the cross-tie for the avionics, but that didn’t seem to turn on both bus 1 and bus 2, but I doubt I’ll use that much since most of my avionics are on an iPad that I’m mounting on the panel.

I’m getting anxious to get this thing done. I’m pretty good with technology since I retired after 40 years of programming/IT, but when it comes to building stuff, I’m slow and clumsy. It’s coming along, though. I’ve used your plans almost exactly except for the modification I’ve had to make for the TV in front. and I’ve added an extra piece above the side TVs for more support.  The big TV seems to work great, by the way, but probably not as good as a projector. The TV was probably 1/3 the cost of a good short-throw projector, though, and this is costing way more than I told my wife :-).

Here’s a couple of pictures of my progress so far.  I can post more in the construction area when I get closer to finishing.  Thanks for all your help!