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Chris Jones

Retro-reflective Taxiway Edge Markers.

I am trying to revise my x-plane home field airport Hawarden (UK) where I fly in the real world. The taxiway edge markers in the real world are a mixture of blue lights and blue Retro-reflective Taxiway Edge Markers (see attached data sheet for the real thing). The lights are relatively easy to add but does anybody have a blue Retro-reflective Taxiway Edge Marker object I could use?

Taxiway Edge Lines; Where it is necessary to define the outer edges of a taxiway, e.g. where a paved taxiway shoulder has a bearing strength less than that of the main taxiway or where a taxiway lies adjacent to a paved area not intended for use as a taxiway, the outer edges of the taxiway should be marked as shown in the attached jpg file. The mark should be so positioned that the inner edge of the mark represents the outer edge of the taxiway. Does anyone have a ‘lin’ file for this type of line?

Thanks in advance.