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The yoke fits tightly and it´s time to draw the final panel layout on the MIP. As you can see I printed out 1:1 scale copies of the panels. With some sticky tape you can easily move them around to check the position before you draw any lines. I also glued in the wires for the lighting on top using hot glue and cut two supports on the backside (not attached yet for earsier handling of the panel).IMG_2162
On the picture, the GS rests without any additional support due to the notch…

Now it´s time to draw the lines and make all the cuts for the panels. I used a jigsaw to make the cuts and a Multi Master with a delta sander to make small corrections if neccesary. For straight cuts with the jigsaw I clamped down a level and a sqaure and used it as a rail guide.


Keep in mind: measure twice, cut once!

Whenever you are drilling in wood, you should clamp a sacrificial piece of wood to where the drill bit will leave the wood on the other side. This avoids tearout and gives you nice and clean holes.