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Well our sim is pretty much complete, with just some of the detailing to come at a later date.  Lilliput is on order and will be installed in the opening on the right side of the panel.  My wife, who is more crafty and patient than me, is going to finish the glare shield this week.  Once I remembered about the Cessna that BFG shared the link for it finally came together as far as the visuals.  Have an issue where the radio doesn’t always turn on with the power switch but I can deal with that.

I’m looking forward to getting more involved in the forums as I learn more about using the Sim.  I want to thank BFG for creating this site, which my 11 yr old son found and was the inspiration for our realizing that this was even possible.  Also want to thank BFG for the continued help along the way.

My son hadn’t been able to fly until a couple of years ago and has only flown twice commercially.  I’ve arranged a flight with a local instructor this Sat so he can fly in a Cessna to better understand the mechanics of flying in the Sim.  He’s excited about it and to be honest I am too since it’s been around 10 yrs since I’ve been up in one.

Anyway, thanks again and we’ll see on you on Pilotedge in the near future.


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