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I have the system outlined below, and with the settings in the attached photo, I get 25 / 30 fps running FOUR (!) HD monitors (3 monitors and a projector, to be exact) all displaying 3D cockpits.  IF I only run 3 monitors in 3D cockpit, I can crank up the settings and get much better FPS.  So, I sometimes use AirManager for my fourth monitor/instruments, but until I get my panel built, I like the look of the 3D cockpit.  I don’t run shadows or reflections, and World Objects is set pretty low BUT with OrthoScenery, I think it actually looks better that way.

MSI Z270 Gaming M7 Motherboard (it has super-easy overclocking options, from 4.4 to 5.0 ghz, I believe.)

I7 7700k oc’d at 4.7 ghz (can run up to 4.9,  but any higher and it’s not stable)

32 gb GSkill Ripjaw 3200 RAM

A couple SSDs


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