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Pedro J Monroig

I do not have a video, see the images still building it and learning from all of you how to improve from prototype to a final design. I will redo the panel with an aluminum plate 4 mm alumax to better locate the encoders, will eliminate the square over the yoke and change color. I received a black rubber to make the top of y panel. cover the ceiling and order my projector i waited for the release of the Optoma gt1080 dardee, but its in backorder. i had a 55 for front screen but damaged and took this 40 from my RV. I ordered several electronic parts from china to build my radios,with Mobiflight, there is a guy that posted his project there. His design is fantastic but is not complete, so i will need to ask help from my friends and practice electronics again. After i get my projector and set the views, finish my radio set, then I will start making the instruments following an example posted in ardsim forum. I will buy a 3D printer to make my bezels, also a guys posted the project and the files in ardsim.I will try do one at a time to not lose my time.

have good day

Can you share where you purchase your gauge panel?