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Hello All-

Preston here.  Had one eye in the sky for as long as I can remember.  Used to drag my girlfriend (now wife, of 20 years) to the local airport just to watch ’em take off and land.   We’re in the greater Nashville area and are glad to be here!   (I shudder at the pics of snow that OTG will post from time to time.)  I figure OTG has a couple years on me, but maybe that means there’s still hope I’ll actually fly!?!?  🙂

I guess I started with FS95 and tried the rest (older XP & P3D) and I’m now 100% sold on X-Plane11.  I enjoy making my own photo-scenery, via Ortho4XP ( and hope to start freshening up my local airports.

Running a Core2DUO at a screaming 3.0ghz, with a GTX770 (I think), built for FSX.   XP11 pb12, while using TrackIR across 3 monitors and following along in FlyQ actually runs very well for me.

Nice to stop lurking, and start contributing.  🙂


(aka Rooster Cogburn)