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I think this might help you both.  I use the fly with lua plugin.  You can get it here for xp11 and it works with the current beta. (   This will enable you to create a file or I have enclosed my file to use your switches in the aircraft without using xplane joystick settings.


Then what I did was

  1. In the flywithlua/scripts folder I created a lua file and it will work with the c172 only.
  2. With the plugin enabled, in xplane go to plugins flywithlua Macros and show the joystick numbers.
  3.  when you flip the switch you want, on the top left it will show button no (your number) was pressed or released.  That is your button on you panel.

4.  On the picture I attached it you look at I have shown my switch number. You want to change the number 2 to what you number is, save the file and your done.  Drop it into the scripts folder  and your in business.

5.  Now I have created a file for the entire c172 or you can just use it for the avionics switch.  To use it for just the avionics switch, delete all the others just keeping the two highlighted or change all the numbers to in the others to your switch numbers.

6.  If anyone has any issues you can let me know and I will help you out.  I could not upload here so I uploaded to dropbox for download.


Hope this helps everyone

Tony S.

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