A Very Different Reality With X-Plane 11.32 Beta

I wrote a few days back about my struggles with the 11.3 beta series of X-Plane, with the primary issue being repeated crashes and inconsistent device (e.g. FIPs via SPAD.neXt) performance. Since that time I updated the power plan of my PC (which for some reason had reset to a default setting) and updated X-Plane to the 11.32 release candidate, and suddenly, to my great surprise, I am experiencing simulation bliss. Performance is good — 30 to 60 fps using a frame-limiting plugin (not 3jFPS but another one which slips my mind at the moment) — smooth

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, and more important, no crashes and no wonky device performance. SPAD.neXt is working great, Air Manager is working great, the Flight Illusion stack is working great, and the RealSimGear 430 is working great. It’s blissful. More important, with PilotEdge I have now had two very helpful simulated-IFR training flights to augment my real-world IFR training. I’m happy as can be. I don’t know what did the trick, perhaps it was the release of 11.32, but I’m not asking why. I’m just enjoying the sim.

Also, for those who have asked about my preference of VR vs. the physical sim cockpit, my thinking is as I had suspected it would be a few months back: while VR feels much more like flying and is a much better experience in terms of sight pictures, the fluidity of being airborne, etc., I have no doubt that I will be using the physical cockpit as my first choice for IFR training at home. Being able to use the GNS 430 (just as in the real-world)

, manage charts, etc. is, at least so far, a better training experience for me and just more like what I do in the real airplane. I’ll post more about this as my training continues and my thinking evolves, but so far that’s how it’s shaping up.

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  1. BFG, thank you, thank you, thank you for this post! I have had a very difficult time with my sim that I have modeled after yours. On three occasions I deleted then reinstalled X-plane 11, then installed spad.netXt, then installed the Saitek FIP drivers only to have the sim lock at 19 fps. Should I just download the beta 11.32 with spad.neXt and Saitek FIP drivers installed or delete then reinstall. I read the post about your power settings in the previous message but will you, please, provide some details regarding the power settings? I was hoping and praying there would be a break through. Thank you, again.

    Larry Bartel

  2. Thanks for All your inspiration!!!
    Its worth a lot for All the rest of us.

    I really enjoyed your well planed Cat ratings on youtube. They were condensed and helpful as tutoriaks. It helped me doing my own ratings afterwards. Maybe you could do the same with the I-ratings?

    1. I’ve thought about it. I just passed the I-5 a few minutes ago. The challenge is that if I record them I have to edit them. If I stream them I introduce all kinds of distractions and bad habits into what is supposed to be pretty focused IFR practice. I’ll think it over. I’m glad the Cat videos were helpful.

      1. Congratulations. I5 is right where I am at as well. So much fun.
        Looking forward to seeing your homecockpit i-ratings in either ‘format’

        Best, Mads

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