Flying The Coastal Route On PilotEdge

I haven’t been very disciplined about posting archived YouTube streams here, but here’s one: a transition of the LAX Bravo airspace via the Coastal Route transition, in the home cockpit with the new panel, on PilotEdge. Learn more about PilotEdge ATC here, and learn more about LA Bravo transitions here. The Coastal Route is pretty straightforward — to and from the LAX VOR on specific radials at an ATC-assigned altitude.

2 thoughts on “Flying The Coastal Route On PilotEdge

  1. Do you recomend for a homecokpit the default cessna or the default baron 58 (both with REP)?

    speaking about the fligth dynamics in both airplanes….wich seems to be more real in xplane 11?

    I need to take that paramount decision, but i am not realy sure ?

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