How To Get Started With X-Plane 11 Redux

In October of 2016 I wrote a post titled How To Get Started With X-Plane 11 (For Those Coming From P3D Or FSX). I recently received an email from a reader who’s new to X-Plane asking if I’d updated it, and I had not. I did so today (it’s here as well as in the How To menu at the top of the page), and I will continue to do so on a regular basis. It was amazing to me how much has changed — for the better — in two years.

3 thoughts on “How To Get Started With X-Plane 11 Redux

  1. I am new to flight sims but \I have the complete saitek instrument panel and x-plane 11 software. Is it a monster to install or can anyone get this thing going without hundreds of configuration etxc etc.please let me know



  2. X-Plane is pretty good right out of the box. See the “Getting Started With X-Plane” in the How To menu for more information. If the Saitek instrument panel doesn’t work out of the box there will be plug-ins that will help, or you can use SPAD.neXt (which is what I use for my Saitek gear with X-Plane).

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