X-Plane At Night To Punta Gorda

I took a little sim night flight this evening in VR to Punta Gorda for some pattern work — something I’d scheduled to do tonight in the real world but needed to scrub. I decided to stream it

, and watching the YouTube video after the fact I’m still amazed at how great X-Plane can look at night. Incredible.

5 thoughts on “X-Plane At Night To Punta Gorda

  1. Beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing..

    Absolutely, I’m a convert to Xplane 11, And although all platforms have their strengths, I regret not having moved to it earlier. In all my years of simming, I’ve never had such an immersive feeling of actually flying in a sim. (Other than DCS World).. And the night flying, city lights, and all the rest, just make it a wonderful experience.

  2. Hey man,

    Hope you’ve been well!

    Hate to say it, but since you seem to mostly stream VR vids, I’ve kind of stopped watching. I use Xp11 in VR and it’s awesome. But watching someone else’s snap all around is nauseating 🙂

    Just sharing here so as to not blast it on Facebook or YouTube.

    Do you use the physical sim anymore?

    1. Hi. Thanks for the feedback and you’re not the first. I do use the physical sim, but candidly for the purposes of feeling like I’m flying it can’t compete with VR. My goal is to alternate videos between the two …

      1. Since yer actively flying IRL, which platform do you feel affords better training for real flight?

        My expectation is that VR would be superior for pattern work and flight ops requiring eyes out of the cockpit which the real sim is better for in-cockpit procedures, muscle memory, etc

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