Fly With Me Today @ 10:30 AM ET: RW XC Practice

I’ve done some troubleshooting in the sim and all seems to be working well, so we’re going to take another shot at practicing the real-world solo cross country that I’m set to fly next week. The flight is KSPG – KFMY – X06 – KSPG. If you would like to come along, there are two ways to do so:

  • I will stream the flight on YouTube here.
  • Or fly it with me on PilotEdge. We will make standard CTAF calls using the real world ground and tower frequencies given the flight is outside of the PE ATC network coverage area. We can brief on 123.45 to start, and if you miss the brief I will fly 4,500 on the way down and 2,500 on the way back.

For route planning

, see the route I’ve planned on SkyVector here. Hope to see you then.

One thought on “Fly With Me Today @ 10:30 AM ET: RW XC Practice

  1. I see from the TFR that Trump’s in town for the weekend. What say we buzz his castle heehee.

    jk… 🙂

    I may drop in to say hey but that will be the extent of my visit as like I said yesterday, real life obligations tend to get in the way of virtual flight!

    If I don’t make it, have a good flight.


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