ForeFlight Running Live In X-Plane 11 VR

Inspired by this post at the .org, I was able to use LonelyScreen ( and Oculus Dash to project and manipulate ForeFlight in real-time in the X-Plane 11 VR cockpit. I would assume you could do the same with any iOS-based electronic flight pad app. Very cool and very helpful!

5 thoughts on “ForeFlight Running Live In X-Plane 11 VR

  1. Thanks for the info on the glideslope

    I use air navigation pro on my iPhone 6 Plus for real world flying in the Cessna 152 ,now I can use airnavpro in my real Cessna 152 shell cockpit sim as it has the ability to connect to fsx and with the oculus it’s absolutely fantastic

    btw check out the pmdg 737 ngx with vr it’s also out of this world

    Dave from Scotland

  2. Faltou muito pouco para serem dignos de Nota 10″. O Brasil merece sim, todas essas críticas Mas erraram ao pouparem os anos de PT. Nenhuma crítica às gafes de Dilmanta ou a roubalheira do Luladrão. Porque????

  3. Great video. Thanks for sharing. I have a WMR headset, the Samsung Odyssey. Is there a way to view the Foreflight app using WMR? I don’t think WMR has a capability like Oculus Dash.

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