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  1. Hi, About 2 months ago I discovered Flight Sims. I have, ( had) my pilots licence. I have Parkinsons. . Sim flying seems to be heaven sent. I am looking for a mentor type I have no clue what to do first. I have watched several of your videos. They look very well made. I have no knowledge of electronics, and my computer skills are that of a Wildebeest, (not really)

    Any info you can give me would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you in advance. Ron Engel

  2. Would you consider trying http://pmem.uk/joinfs/ for one of your upcoming streams where you don’t log on to Pilot Edge. It would allow other people to join in your flight, and it does not require you to share your IP addresses, like the native multiplayer does. I could also host the joinfs server (and possibly a teamspeak server if we wanted to have team communication).

    Any idea when you might do your next live stream?

  3. Would recommend you backup vr1 before updating to vr2. Problems with flywithlua and some performance issues. I saw frames drop from 45 to 30 in what I believe are similar situations. More testing required. I think the issue may be shadows.

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