Our First Video From Inside The Oculus Rift

I finally figured out how to capture Rift video using the Oculus Mirror tool and my NVIDIA Experience ShadowPlay feature (it’s actually quite easy, but it did take some research to figure it all out). I also shot some iPhone video up front so folks could see how I have the sensors set in my cabin, and I do two laps at night, one with HDR off and one with HDR on so you can see the difference.

VR settings:

  • SS and AWS / Autoprojection OFF in SteamVR
  • Supersampling 1.5 in Oculus Debug
  • AWS fixed 45 FPS in Oculus Debug
  • Visual effects 4/5
  • Autogen 4/5
  • AA 2/5 No shadows, no reflections
  • 3jFPS plugin set to 46 FPS

These reflect a change from my prior settings. I found that Oculus Debug Tool does a great job of locking the frames at 45 FPS

, and this makes both the sim scenery and the Oculus movement very very smooth, especially if I have HDR turned off. As some have noted over in the Facebook VAG group the Debug Tool’s FPS lock doesn’t always seem to “take” when you first turn it on. It may have to do with having the Oculus software running first and launching from within it, but I’m not certain. Regardless, I now have the SteamVR improvement turned off in favor of those in Oculus and I like the results.

I had fun shooting this, and I think it illustrates the quality of the experience in VR. One thing you absolutely cannot appreciate from this, though, is the experience in 3D. I’ll post more on this later, and thanks for watching.


8 thoughts on “Our First Video From Inside The Oculus Rift

  1. One thing I love about your video is your spontaneous narration, as well as visual experience of “being there and flying along with you” in your cockpit. I can look around and not restricted to a single POV. In that sense I feel I’m truly your passenger.

    However in vr mode, my pov will be restricted to your pov. That’s not a bad thing, just different. One that will take some time to get used to.

    One thing you must take care in making vr video is to pace your head movement. For you it may feel natural looking left right in fast motion but for us the viewer, it could be quite nauseous. So if you could learn to pan your head movement as if it’s a camera, I’m sure it will be more enjoyable.

    In the meantime I hope you would still continue making the original, non Vr basement sim video 🙂

    Regards from Malaysia,

  2. I am so in love with xplane 11 VR. I’ve been simming since 1985 with ms flight simulator v2 and I’ve gone through a lot of iterations of hardware, from keyboard only on a laptop, to projectors with real yoke up to a full basement cockpit very similar to yours. But VR for me has always been the ultimate dream goal and here it is! It is fantastic already and this is just a preview of what they are working on with it. I am so excited for where this is going. And with the vive pro headset coming out here shortly, we will be getting a very nice boost in screen resolution which will be so incredible for this sim! I’ve been playing around with the multiplayer aspect of xplane with a buddy of mine who also has VR and it is just an amazing experience to get to fly in virtual reality with someone else. So fun!!

  3. I enjoyed your VR video very much and thank you. Although being unable to experience the 3D effect leaves me wondering, your descriptions and conclusions I respect. It’s only a matter of time before I purchase one myself. Great site and I always look forward to your posts.

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