Cross Country Number 1 Complete

After five cancellations dating all the way back to Spring in Pennsylvania (and four flight instructors), I finally got my first cross-country flight requirement out of the way today with a hop from Albert Whitted to Punta Gorda and back. The weather was wonderful and the sight seeing fantastic. Lots of traffic along the way and plenty of Bravo and Charlie airspace avoidance, but it was a fun flight topped by a request by Whitted tower to fly a short approach – my first. A few more flights then it will be time for my solo cross country. I can’t wait. Here’s the route and a brief video from along the way.


11 thoughts on “Cross Country Number 1 Complete

  1. There’s a great feeling and confidence gained after completing your first solo x-country flight. There’s nothing quite like it in the world.

    My first was Orange County (SNA) to Banning via the Paris VOR. Though it was ages ago, I still remember it.

    You’re ready; You’ll do great! Fly safe!

  2. Fantastic bfg

    I’m at the same stage too
    I did my practice with my instructor last week from Cumbernauld to dundee airport ,
    when I was in the approach for dundee I said to my instructor – you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve been practicing this I. My Cessna simulator -he just laughed ,it was probably the best landing I’ve done
    Let me know how you get on with your solo x country
    All the best
    Dave from Scotland

  3. I just recently started reading about your experiences, and now I just learned you are in the Tampa area! I live in southern brooksville… my very first flight is this coming Monday. Nothing exciting, just a test flight. But, it’s a start. Thanks for providing all this great info (and I love the simulator)!

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