Copilots Are A Blast

A good buddy was in town and we had a great time flying in the sim. He agreed to a video, so we made a PilotEdge flight from Haley to Stanley, Idaho. This was a lot of fun, and he did a great job flying the sim, handling the controls from our departing the pattern in Haley all the way to making the landing in Stanley. Thanks for watching.

2 thoughts on “Copilots Are A Blast

  1. My favorite Glideslope to date, excepting only Mt Spokane. You are a superb teacher, and the “co-pilot” format brings it out in spades. (I KNOW, these posts are not for teaching, you are not a flight instructor). Still, I vote for more “Celebrity Co-Pilot” posts (and more right rudder).
    Ps. Nice work Pilot X2 – I crashed and spilled all the refreshments.

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