A Quick Video Tour Of World Traffic 3

I’ve been getting familiar with Classic Jet Simulations’ World Traffic 3, and I have to say I really like it. It’s worth spending a little time reviewing some of the tutorials for how to use the software, and YouTube has plenty of them. Once I understood the basics I found it an excellent addition to the sim. Here’s a quick video tour. It’s not meant to be a how-to, nor a full review of my settings etc. But it should give you a feel for how the software integrates with X-Plane, the ease with which it generates traffic, the quality of the AI models, and its ability to generate GA traffic (which is excellent).

2 thoughts on “A Quick Video Tour Of World Traffic 3

  1. Great Video, thanks!

    Is it smarter than X-Plane regarding aircraft appropriateness that are populated at airports? For example, if your departing and arriving airports are small potatoes, will we see 737’s trying to operate from them? Does it limit the assigned aircraft based in runway length or some other criteria to make sure GAand small commercial jets operate from smaller airports, etc…or can you at least impose said limitation?

    I would test it, but my stuff is all apart as I start to build the initial cockpit section!

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