Good News Already Out Of FlightSimCon

I’ve been trying to track today’s activity at FlightSimCon, and one of the best resources I’ve found so far is Flightsimguy’s YouTube channel, where he’s streaming many of the presentations as they happen. Of note so far:

  • PilotEdge plans to bring MANY more fields online in the Western US expansion, making it even more accommodating to GA fliers.
  • X-Plane will be bringing new and improved “lego brick” scenery objects to WED for scenery designers, and even better, will be brining landmarks in places like Las Vegas, Chicago, and London that make those cities much more realistic in the sim. Both will be free upgrades, and both will happen this year.
  • Ben, the chief coder at X-Plane, announced that they have the goal of making the minimum FPS in the sim for most users 60 FPS. Much of this work will depend upon continuing advances in the Vulcan GPU driver language, but over the next year they forecast continuing improvement in frame rates without loss in features.
  • Perhaps best of all, it looks like Active Sky is coming to X-Plane. This is fantastic, fabulous, wonderful news.

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