The I-4 Rating On PilotEdge

We follow up the fail/pass sequence of the I-3 with the I-4 rating on PilotEdge. This is “Dealer’s Choice,” where the controller picks a destination and you must identify, file, and fly the correct TEC route. I get SNA to SMO, and I pass, but not cleanly. There are a lot of learning experiences along the way and several complicating things that happen (like broken transmissions from ATC) that could easily happen on a flight in real life. I’m glad to have flown this, and am now studying SIDs and STARs for the I-5. As always, thanks for watching.

One thought on “The I-4 Rating On PilotEdge

  1. Thank you BFG, very interesting and completely absorbing. A good learning experience for me too. I have a question. When you are “chasing a radial”, do you simply fly toward the destination but the but slowly closing in on the correct course, ie, the radial?

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