Forum Update

Folks seem to be liking the idea of the forums, and quite of few of you have signed on for permissions. If you didn’t get your confirmation email, note that your spam filter may have caught it. To make it easier I approved those of you who had approvals outstanding, so you should be good to go. Some other updates:

  • I’ve been tweaking the code a bit. Iv’e not gotten to visual design elements yet, but have added a visual text editor so adding and formatting comments is easier. I hope you like that feature.
  • The forums are tied to BuddyPress, which makes it easier for you to connect with each other directly. There is a list of all current participants here, and note that you can update your profile page as well. Here’s mine.
  • Your profile allows you to post your own updates as well, similar to the Facebook Wall, so any of you who would like to start posting your own blog-like content in your profiles are welcome to do so.
  • There are now markings that indicate forums with unread posts.

That’s all for now. More tweaking is to come, I’m sure.


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  1. this

    Thanks for registering!

    To complete the activation of your account, go to the following link:
    clicked on the link and it ask me for activation Key ?????????


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