My Custom Airports For Default X-Plane Libraries

Now that I’ve put up a few custom X-Plane airports I’ve been going back and creating versions that use only default X-Plane objects and textures and submitting them to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway. By doing so folks who don’t want to download extra libraries can use them, and more important, Laminar will eventually include them in future releases of X-Plane as default airports. In my opinion the ability of users to contribute to the scenery is one of the great things about X-Plane, and I’ll be proud to have my airports part of the software in the future.

So far I have submitted Bonners Ferry, Clearwater Airpark, Brandywine, and Price / Carbon County. All have been accepted, and so far Brandywine has been approved for a future X-Plane release (and I expect the others will as well as there is a bit of a delay in the approval process). If you’d like to grab any of these (which you’d only do if you don’t like to download additional object libraries) my author page is here.

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