Price To Salt Lake City On PilotEdge

I’ve recently created some homemade orthographic photo scenery for Utah, as well as scenery for KPUC Carbon County, and did this flight to try out both. This one was just for fun, although I did use PilotEdge for flight following along the way and for the approach into the KSLC Bravo airspace. As always, thanks for watching.

Details on the add-ons:

– Default XP11 Cessna 172 (free)
– Home made orthophoto scenery (free)
– Project BetterSky sky textures (free)
– SkyMaxx Pro for the clouds
– Add-on KPUC and KSLC scenery from (free)
– Airport Environment textures (free)
– World2XP America OSM data (free)
– HD Mesh 3 (free)
– US West Real Life OSM/autogen mapping (free)

Should you want my Price scenery, it’s here.

6 thoughts on “Price To Salt Lake City On PilotEdge

  1. Hey my friend, great blog. Really enjoy the post.

    Have you tried vflyteair’s Piper Cherokee? Great plane and it is x-plane 11 ready.

    Secondly, what are your “sensitivity” settings for your yoke and especially your rudder pedals for x-plane 11. The rudder is SO touchy on taxi and takeoff. I have the Cessna pedals like you.


  2. Fantastic videos and nice flying. Looking forward to more cross country ortho videos. Keep up the great work

    (PPL with 400+ hours starting in Australia and for the last 10 years in France. )

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