Scenery Update: KOQN Brandywine

Changes in 1.5, which you may get here:

  • Updates to taxiways
  • New parking area north of field
  • Improved forest / tree density
  • Updated metadata
  • And a few smaller changes

This is X-Plane 10.5+ scenery. For this scenery to work properly you will also need the OpenSceneryXJBHangars, and Prefab libraries (just the library file, not the airports). You will also need to download and place this folder in your custom scenery folder, and then place the JBHangars library inside it – this will make it so X-Plane sees the hangars. You only need to do this once. While the .ZIP is titled 1.5 the unzipped folder is not. Just drag and drop over the old one. Thanks and I hope you like the scenery.

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