A General Update

It’s been a bit quiet around here recently so I want to provide a bit of an update on things On The Glideslope …

First, the guide to building your own basement GA sim. My original hopes of having it done over Thanksgiving were nowhere close to realistic, but I have been working on it here and there and really trying to make it useful (especially if I’m going to charge for it). It’s currently 28 pages long, and I’ve been filling in sections and it’s getting closer all the time. I hope it’s done in a month or so.

Second, videos. I’ve not made any for several weeks. Some of that is because of my schedule, some of it is because I got interested in scenery design over the holidays, and some of it is because of the transition to X-Plane (which took a fair amount of my sim time). I do plan to get back to it next week, though, and have several videos in the queue that I hope to make over the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.

Third, scenery design. I really have enjoyed making the few airports I’ve made for X-Plane. The first three (Brandywine, Chester County, and Lloyd Stearman) all turned out pretty well, and the next project is Wilmington. This is a big field, and it’s going to take some time. In the meantime, I plan to make versions of those first three that are suitable for upload to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway. They won’t be as close to the real thing as the originals as I’ll be limited to the native X-Plane objects library, but this way they have a chance to be included in future releases of X-Plane, which will benefit everyone. So that’s something I want to do.

Finally, the X-Plane migration. I’ve loved it, and am glad I did it. I’ve held off on the releases of betas 4 and 5 based on the problems they seemed to create, and think it’s generally a good idea to wait a few days when any new release comes along to see how it plays out. That said, beta 6 looks solid, and I’ll probably update when I have the chance. I also have learned enough about creating photorealistic scenery that I’ll probably make a few tiles, covering parts of the world where I want to fly but don’t have photorealistic so far (Scotland in particular). I also am going to try flying the sim WITHOUT World2XP America. The underlying textures and autogen of X-Plane 11 are pretty good, I already have HD mesh, and I just find that too many of the buildings in W2XP America don’t jive (they still look too European). I do want to get better European scenery, though, and will probably get W2XP Europe and see how it looks.

So that’s the latest. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “A General Update

    1. I get slightly lower frames in X-Plane, but more fluid visuals, and more consistent rates. In P3D I’d get 40-15 FPS depending on where I was, and anything lower than 25 or so seemed slow. In XP it’s pretty consistent 25-20 everywhere, and only feels slow if it gets down to 15 at which point I back of max settings.

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