An Update On X-Plane 11 Screen Configs

Today I tested my assumption that with the first C172 screen config under my belt I could configure other planes in much less time. This is correct, and I now have the Baron 58 and the Cirrus Jet set up for the sim. My basic routine was to create a copy of the aircraft folder, open the aircraft file in Planemaker, adjust the viewpoint default to the center of the aircraft, and then use the visualizer to decide which objects to delete (and delete them). In both cases this took just a few minutes. On loading the Baron I did notice that I needed to move the view up just a bit (which I can set in the .acf file if I like). I also changed the front-screen offset a few degrees to set the horizon, but that only takes a few seconds (unlike editing camera files in P3D …) and you can do it in real time inside the sim.

5 thoughts on “An Update On X-Plane 11 Screen Configs

  1. hi have been watching all you videos on xplane 11 looking good I am doing the same setup as you, when you start xplane 11 up does it start up on 2d panel as mine is many thanks

  2. Is there a chance that you can make a video of this process?
    I am trying to do the same with my setup, which has a main 42″ and two 32″ screens for the sides and just can get the result I am aiming for.

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