A2A PA28 Cherokee FIP Gauges

Topa28_s-tec_30_resizem Tsui’s excellent set of Saitek FIP gauges continues to grow, now with a set for the A2A PA28-180 Cherokee. This is the sim aircraft I use when I’m practicing for my real-world flight training, which I do in a PA 28-161 (and the 180 is plenty close for me). While I most of Tom’s new gauges are for the six pack (for which I use generic general aviation gauges in RemoteFlight on the iPad) it’s great to have an accurate RPM gauge, and I know the engine gauges are soon to follow, as is the turn coordinator with autopilot. Thanks again, Tom!


4 thoughts on “A2A PA28 Cherokee FIP Gauges

    1. I agree. I’ve suggested to Tom that he could probably sell ports of them for AirManager and people would buy them, but I don’t know that it’s an easy thing to do. But I’d love to have his gauges running in AirManager and I’d pay for them if they were available.

  1. BTW, the fact that they are called “FIP” gauges, does this mean that they can only be used with Saitek FIP gauges? Suppose I want to use them on a second (e.g.) 22″ TFT screen? If so, are these gauges resizable?


    1. Correct – they only work as replacements for the default Saitek FIP gauges. They aren’t resizable or available on TFT. For that check out AirManager, which has both PC and iPad apps.

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