First-Person View: Jackson Hole To West Yellowstone

A YouTube viewer requested more first-person video, so here’s an attempt on a simulated flight from Jackson Hole to West Yellowstone. It illustrates some great Orbx North America land class scenery, and includes a valuable lesson on density altitude and proper mixture. I hope you like it and thanks for watching. Details:

– Prepare3d v 3.3
– Orbx OpenLC NA, Global, and Vector, as well as Central and Southern Rocky Mt. Regions
– ActiveSky16 and Cloud Art
– REX 4 textures
– SPIKE Piper 28-161 Warrior II

9 thoughts on “First-Person View: Jackson Hole To West Yellowstone

  1. Very nice video – thank you. I too have been loving the new Orbx Open LC NA, flying around New England for the most part. I like how you use the knob on the Saitek FIP (assigned engine gauges) to change fuel tanks. I fly the default Mooney and figuring out how to do that without the mouse was a challenge. I eventually assigned three of the buttons on the side of my engine gauge FIP to L/R/Off. Then I won a Derek Speares (DSD) switch panel at FlightSimCon, and assigned those functions to it using FSUIPC. By the way, on the Saitek Radio Panels “120.62” actually equals 120.625, or at least it does with VoxATC 6.52, which I use.

    Thanks again form another of your videos

  2. Great flight. Enyoyed the scenery. The first person view was good and bad. Easy to see side views and so on. But made me a bit seasick with all the head movement. Hard to really do anything about that though.

    Did I detect that somehow you had tied your barometric pressure knob on the altimeter to the frequency knob on com2 on the saitek radio panel. If so, is that a SPAD trick? A rundown on all your SPAD tricks would be great, or if you have already done that a link back.

    Very good example of the complexities of high altitude takeoff and landing. Definitely not for the unwary.

    1. Thanks! Yes, the barometer is tied to the radio panel. I do this with SPAD.neXt, rather than default SPAD, and it was actually in the default profile that came with SPAD.neXt. Works great. I’ll try to get a post up on how I use SPAD.neXt. It seemed like it would have a huge learning curve because there’s not a lot of documentation for it, but I actually picked it up really quickly, and it’s FANTASTIC. Probably the best overall add-on in my cockpit.

      1. Captain
        I have a real problem and maybe you could point me in the right direction. I followed this and your last flight around Spokane. Very good. However, and this is my problem, I have Orbx OpenLC NA like you. Yet I can’t seem to get the level of scenery I see in your videos. I have Vector with everything turned on and scenery maxed out in P3D. Yet I am missing several things that make me very suspicious of my OpenLC NA install. I will list the missing things.
        No ski resorts. I have followed your flights very closely and they are not there.
        Old style golf courses.
        My airports are awful (ancient default FSX style). Both Jackson Hole and West Yellowstone bore no resemblance to yours. No people, no cars, no static planes, zero.
        Plus my Grand Tetons were not very grand. Yours looked sharp and craggy. Mine looked like that old mushy stuff draped over the mesh.
        Here’s my question. Is it possible you have something else turned on that is not listed? Like a terrai region or something like that. Or would you have any idea why my scenery looks like it came out of the box instead of the spiffy stuff I should be getting from Orbx? Thanks.

        1. Hmm. Not sure. I do have Orbx Southern and Central Rocky Mountain regions installed. Maybe they made the difference? I didn’t even really think about it at the time, but that may very well be it. Spokane and Jackson / West Yellowstone are covered by those regions. I should go back and make note of that. I’d honestly forgotten!

          1. Bingo! I was getting ready to tear out what is left of my hair. I had deliberately not reinstalled my terrain regions after a huge P3D reinstall for v3.3. And I don’t yet have the Northern Rockies. But I can hear the sound of dollars flying out of my wallet to Orbx for this. Orbx marketing strategy is a killer.

            Thanks for the speedy reply. I will sleep better tonight.

  3. I think the first person view is a great if you can keep your head movements to an absolute minimum and move very slowly. That is a very big challenge. Watching the video indeed makes your stomach turn. Which may add to the realism but is not very pleasant, Perhaps a fixed camera just above your head can be a better choice because it gives a first person view without the motion.

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