Video: El Monte To Fullerton On PilotEdge

I’ve been away from the simulator for a week traveling, but before I hit the road I videoed leg four of the PilotEdge Alphabet Challenge, El Monte to Fullerton. It’s only about a 10 minute flight, so I recorded it in its entirety as a way of giving folks who may be unfamiliar with PilotEdge a sense of what a simple VFR flight on the network is like. It also showcases the Orbx SoCal scenery, which is fantastic. I hope you like it (rough landing and all).

4 thoughts on “Video: El Monte To Fullerton On PilotEdge

  1. Gorgeous piece of work on the home cockpit! It looks quite immersive, I thought I would leave a tidbit about the landings. Please confirm anything I say with your real world flight instructor. I am not a CFI. Just a former PPL holder. I watched 4 of your landings. In each it seemed that the aircraft was driven into the ground. After flaring the goal is to keep the nose wheel off of the ground until the last possible moment. The less ground speed you have when it touches the less chance of spinning you have. Remember planes don’t drive on the ground well. I had a hard time with it at first and then my CFI told me “try to keep your butt off of the ground”. WTH right. But it worked. I just keep pulling the yoke back ever so slightly as I get closer to the ground and the plane settles right in, rides a wheelie for a few seconds and then the nose wheel settles onto the ground.

    Keep the video’s coming. I like them. I hang out with my friends at We do more GA based flying than most groups. We have group flights many nights. We rarely do airliners, and even less rarely do anything that involves ATC. We just fly and chit chat or sometimes just hang around and chit chat. (belly up to the bar as I call it). Other like minded vpilots are always welcome.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment and for reading and watching. Your are right about the landings! And this is what the CFI and I were working on today: don’t flare, instead fly over the runway as it settles. I actually think it’s easier to feel and manage in the real aircraft than in the sim. The A2A Cessnas in particular seem to balloon a lot. I’m working on getting the yoke profile right, which should help. sounds great! I’ll check it out, and thanks again.

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